Discovery of the day: How much is too much?

I want to post, I really do. I compose entries all the time, in my head, but I seem to be unable to complete the loop from brain to fingers to keyboard to Blogger.

I have a lot of stuff going on right now and my brain is way too full. I had set myself a goal of posting here every workday, but that little promise has turned into something big and ominous and dark hanging over my head. Where's the fun in that?

I'm pretty stubborn about not giving up on things I want to do, but over the years (OK, decades) I've learned that when my list of 'have to do' and 'should do' items gets long enough, the 'want to do' stuff sometimes has to be jettisoned overboard for ballast. This project is one of those 'want to' things.

So I'm going to spare myself a few ounces of agony and guilt and take a brief hiatus from this blog. It should only be a couple of weeks at most. And who knows? Once I take the pressure off, I may find myself popping in with an occasional post anyway. Because writing about my eating habits is fun! :)

In the meantime, eat well and please check back from time to time.