Where is that saddle, anyway?

Is it still blogging if I only post every five months?

Not even going to bore you with what's been going on around here, but overall it has been OK. Not easy, but OK. And I am thrilled with OK.

I did drop a few pounds (depending on what day it is) and I manage to put something resembling food on the table most days. I've succeeded in cutting my fast food consumption way down (except for the Diet Coke) but the green smoothies fell off the list pretty quick. These days I'm using the Costco canned weight loss shakes for lunch. Perfect nutrition it's not, but if it keeps me out of the Burger King drive-through, I'm all for it.

The newest issue is that my son started ADD meds about month ago. It had made his school life SO much easier, however... it has cut his appetite. This is a problem because at 11 years old, he was 5'1" and 90 lbs when he started and he hasn't even begun having the massive growth spurts I know are coming.

So I'm trying to lose weight while trying to get him to gain. I'm cooking more meat (not a lot, but more than I was) and am sticking to things I know he likes, since without the driving force of hunger, he will simply not eat something if he's not attracted to it. Plus, he does leave more food on his plate, which means my bad habit of eating what he leaves behind has become an even worse habit.

And desserts. Did I mention desserts? Let's not go there right now, OK?

Anyway, I have a couple of new Project Weeknight recipes that I can count on him eating most of, most of the time. This one came about because I bought a box of 24 packages of ramen noodles at Costco. No, I don't know why.
Quasi-nutritious Ramen Soup

Per serving:
1 package of ramen noodles, flavor packed discarded
2 cups chicken stock
1/2 Tblsp. veg oil (or olive oil, or butter)
1/2 small onion, thinly sliced or julienned
1/4 cup julienned bell pepper strips (color of your choice)
1 cup (handful) thinly-sliced cabbage
1 sm.-med. carrot, thinly sliced or julienned
splash of sherry or white wine (or water)
salt & pepper to taste
soy sauce, chili garlic paste to taste (opt.)

Bring chicken stock to boil, add noodles and cook per package directions.

Heat oil/butter in a skillet on med-high. Saute the onions and bell pepper until slightly caramelized. Add carrots and cabbage, salt, pepper, and a splash of sherry/wine/water. Cover and let vegs steam for 3-4 minutes or until desired texture. Check seasoning of vegs and adjust.

To serve: Pour noodles and stock in bowl, top with vegs and desired condiments.

  • I am just guessing at the amount of vegs. Use whatever amount/proportions look right to you.

  • Sometimes if I'm in a hurry I will nuke the carrot slices for a minute to get them started.

  • Red pepper flakes would be nice. Maybe add those with the onions and bell pepper.

  • I keep meaning to get some edamame to put in there.

  • Instead of cabbage, you could throw a handful of fresh baby spinach in the bowl on top of the noodles.

  • Hey, how about tofu cubes, or cooked chicken?
Not going to win any awards, but I figure it's a half-step up from Blue Box and frozen peas.