Discovery of the day: A salty tale

We spent most of the weekend doing home improvement-type stuff, and that does not exactly lend itself to home cookin'.

Friday night we had to go pick up a thing at Best Buy (grrr... I'm not even going to go there) and decided to try the middle eastern (Lebanese?) restaurant nearby. I'd been there years ago and had vague memories of it being mediocre and way overpriced. But that was years ago. Unfortunately, it was still mediocre and overpriced. And salty, holy cow!

Saturday we spent painting and had to run out to get more stuff. Conveniently, it was lunchtime so we decided to get something. Which happened to be something at our favorite sandwich place, where I always go for the one heavy with cured meat. Salt, much?

We were good Saturday night and enjoyed some leftovers that were not too salty, thankfully. But Sunday evening somehow we found ourselves at the Thai place, which I'm sure is full of hidden salt even though it tasted wonderful.

Oh well. Lots of water (and trips to the bathroom) for me today.

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