Discovery of the day: It's a crock!

I know, I've been a complete slacker. But November is almost over, then I'll be back, I promise.

I did try one new thing earlier this week - I tried cooking beans in the crockpot. I soaked 1.5 lbs of cannellini beans during the day while I was at work. (Yeah, it wasn't 'overnight', but I was hoping they couldn't tell the sun was out.) That evening I drained them and dumped them into my 4 qt crockpot and added as much water as would fit, up to probably 1" from the rim. I left it on high for an hour (or two) then set it to low before I went to bed.

In the morning, I had a crockpot full of beany goodness. They tasted great, but... they were waaaay overcooked. I had hoped to freeze them in two cup portions but they would probably turn to complete mush.

Good news is that I am no longer afraid of cooking beans in the crockpot. Bad news is the gallon of beans in my fridge that I need to use in the next day or so. I probably should make a huge batch of bean and bacon soup.

Next time, I'm guessing I'll probably just cook them in a pot on the stove, so I can keep an eye on them. Tricksy bastards!

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Sara said...

You know, I've used homemade beans that have sat in the fridge up to a week. I put them in an airtight tupperware, but they'll last at least a week...so you don't have to stress about eating so many on the next few days. Also, you could make things like bean burgers or bean fritters and freeze those! Or make a white bean puree for pita or chips..