Discovery of the day: BnB soup for realz!

My son inherited his fondness for Campbell's Bean & Bacon Soup from his father, who would probably marry it if that was legal in the US.

But since I am now adverse to buying soup in cans, I had to try to generate something passable at home. A quick search turned up this likely candidate. I set it up in the crock pot Saturday morning and when we got home that evening, there was soup!

Of course I made a few changes and will make a few more next time. But I'm sure you guessed that already.

I sauteed (ok, fried) the onions in 2 tablespoons of bacon fat before adding to the pot. I held the crumbled bacon out and added it at the very end, after I hit it with the stick blender. And I used a tablespoon of ham soup base with the chicken stock.

Next time I'll cut the tomato paste in half and probably cut back on the ham soup base. I also might omit the liquid smoke. And next time there will be cornbread. Definitely cornbread.

It really came out pretty well, although the true test will come this evening when I drop a serving off for the ex to try. If it passes muster there, it's golden.

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