Discovery of the day: Is CSA the way?

I've been having a tough time finding farm eggs. A couple of years back, I knew of no less than four local places I could buy eggs from chickens on the premises. Now that I've decided I want to buy farm eggs again, it appears only one (maybe two) are still operating and I haven't found eggs at either yet.

One of the two, a small farm, has gone CSA so their subscribers get first crack at their eggs. (Get it? First crack? Ha!)

That got me thinking: Maybe I should try to sign up for a CSA for next year. From what I can tell, it's somewhere around $500 dollars for 24 weeks of veggies, fruits, and herbs; whatever they grow on the farm. I can pay extra for eggs every week, and they even have an option for poultry (fryer chickens), which I could use for stock and such. All told, if I go for the Full Monty, it would come out to $25/week. That does not seem like a bad price for a variety of fresh local produce, eggs, and poultry.

I think I just talked myself into it. Their 2009 CSA info won't be out until November. I'll need to keep an eye on it so I don't miss out.

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