Discovery of the day: This is cool!

Now that I have my Recipe Purgatory set up, I've been adding new recipes like mad. During yesterday's completely random blogwalk (that I couldn't even begin to retrace) I found Cookus Interruptus. Not only does it have a great name, but the site is both educational and entertaining. Be sure to check out the videos!

I just watched the Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker video and learned that I'd been doing it wrong forever, or at least since I got my first rice cooker some 15+ years ago. I always wondered why the little marks on the side of the pot didn't correspond to 'real' cups. Doh!

I'm thinking that my puny 3 cup rice cooker is too small for the quantity of grains I'm consuming these days. My daughter, a starving actor, is in town for the weekend and I'm hoping to get her to embrace the bean-and-grain-centric lifestyle. Maybe I'll pack her off with my rice cooker and go buy a NEW BIG one!

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