Discovery of the day: Quick and.... done

Last night was not a night I was itchin' to cook. We ended up at home earlier than usual after my son's dentist appt. so I decided to drag myself out for a waddle run. By the time I got back, producing something resembling food was the last thing I wanted to do. But I had the time and I wanted to save my Blue Box card to play later in the week.

But that meant I had that whole pesky decision-making thing to wrestle with. Argh! I figured I could cook some pasta; I had whole-wheat rotini on hand. My first choice with pasta is, and will always be, basil pesto. Yes, I've served that alone for dinner but this time I felt I should add something. Poking in the larder revealed a can of Navy beans. Hmmm... small, unobtrusive, sold!

So I cooked up the rest of the rotini (about 6 oz dry), added a couple ice-cubes worth of (thawed) pesto from the freezer, and about half a can of drained and rinsed Navy beans. Done!

I had hoped to add some frozen chopped spinach but I was out. And if I had thought about it, I could've added some frozen broccoli florets à la Broccoli Pesto Pasta.

But even sans veg, my son ate it so I consider it a success. For a throw-together un-recipe meal, I thought it came out pretty well. I try not to rely on pasta too much since it's a problem food for me (as in I have a problem not stuffing my face with it) but once or twice a month should be OK. Shouldn't it?

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