Discovery of the day: You have got to be kidding me!

We took my son to the Seattle Aquarium yesterday and decided to grab lunch at Red Robin. Along with the large, brightly-colored menus was a smaller, rather plain black and white menu-looking thing with no photos. I ignored it at first, but picked it up when I realized it was nutritional information.

Can I just say? Oh My Gah.

I was astonished at the calorie counts, especially of the items I thought would be relatively harmless. I didn't take notes and my memory is crap, but I swear most of the 'salads' came in near or over 1000 calories! The only one that was even worth considering was the Asian Chicken Salad, which I think was under 600 calories.

For my SO, the biggest shocker was the Whiskey River BBQ Wrap which was something like 1700 cals, at least! He had assumed a mere 'chicken wrap' would not be an entire day's worth of calories. I mean, heck, it had lettuce in it; practically a salad, right? Poor disillusioned guy.

I was stunned that even the Garden Burger (veggie/grain patty) clocked in at over 700 cals. The only part of the menu that wasn't terrifying (calorically, at least) was the kids' meals, and I'm sure that was simply due to portion size. I didn't even look at the sodium. If I had, we would have had to leave. Sometimes it's better not to know, you know?

I got the Asian Salad with dressing on the side and my son ate most of the chicken. My SO ended up getting a salmon burger. I can't remember what the calorie count on that was, but at least it was grilled salmon. My son got the mac & cheese and mandarin orange segments, which I ate.

We split my SO's fries between the three of us, but everyone knows that those calories don't stick if you rinse them down with Diet Coke. ;)

So major kudos to Red Robin for putting it out there, but Cheeze Louise, guys!

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