Discovery of the day: Well, that was unpleasant

I found out today what happens when I run out of food in my desk, which forces me to miss my 10:00 am post-coffee snack, and then I have to postpone my lunch till 12:30 because we're short-handed.

Pizza is what happens. A slice of pizza and a Diet Coke, to be precise.

Part of the problem is that I think I'm still dealing with ulcer-ish issues. I used up the rest of my old prescription and I keep forgetting to take the OTC stuff. Throw the better part of a quart of decaf coffee on top of that, and yeah, I pretty much set myself up.

So here's my to do list for this weekend:
1. Buy peanut butter, Wasa crackers, and bananas. And possibly whole-wheat Fig Newtons.

2. Grab a week's worth of acid-reducers from the medicine cabinet.

3. Bring them to work on Monday.

Funny how 'Cut back on decaf' never quite seems to make it on the list, eh?

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