What's old is new again

Our holiday-ish dinner worked out pretty well, really. The iceberg wedge was an excellent Thousand Island delivery mechanism, the ham was good even though there wasn't much of it, and artichokes are always fun. The pan-fried sweet potatoes were a bit of a hassle, and were indistinguishable from oven-fried, which would have been a lot less hassle. Oh well.

This weekend, however, is my most favoritest faux-holiday of all time and the premier dinner event of the season: The Ides of Meatloaf! I've written about it in excruciating detail on my other blog and don't want to cross-post, so click on the link to read all about it.

It's pot luck so the complete menu will be a surprise, but the iceberg wedge w/Thousand Islands will make another appearance, along with the now-traditional Meatcake and -- if I can find it -- possibly even Spamburger appetizers, an heirloom recipe from my Midwestern MIL, may she rest.

Can't you taste it now? Be sure to check back for the results. It'll be a real hoot.

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