Kind of a menu

I was reading back over my posts from last April, particularly the Hot Cross Buns and the holiday dinner we made for friends, and I was shocked at how motivated I was. This year it looks like I got nothin'. I ordered Hot Cross Buns from a small local bakery (they were great!), I didn't color eggs, and we just now decided what we're cooking for Easter dinner tonight. I'm not sure I can even call it Easter dinner since we don't celebrate Easter, but old habits die hard.

Yesterday we took a drive down to a local butcher shop to see if by some fluke they had any hams left. They smoke their own and from what I remember they are fabulous. Unfortunately they only had HUGE hams that would feed the three of us for about a year so we just picked up a ham steak and called it good. We'll probably just broil it plain.

What about sides?

We have a couple of sweet potatoes laying around, and the Hubby suggested we try simply pan-frying slices. He'd had them that way once and gave it many thumbs up. That'll work.

I have recently become enamored with roasted cauliflower. I'd recently seen a recipe for a whole cooked (steamed, really) cauliflower, and it took just one quick search of the interwebs to find the method to roast a whole head on Epicurious. We'll skip the dressing, though, and just use the homemade mayo we'll already have on the table.

Ummm... homemade mayo? It's for the artichokes I'm hoping to find, mayo being the traditional accompaniment for artichokes in Hubby's native (northeastern California) cuisine. We haven't had artichokes in awhile, and this seems like a good excuse. BTW, artichokes are an excellent mayo delivery device, if you're too embarrassed to eat it off a spoon.

We needed one more side. Hubby suggested a salad, but I am embarrassed to admit I am still pretty burned from the Year of Salad. We finally decided on a simple iceberg wedge with homemade Thousand Island dressing, just because it's fun and includes more homemade mayo. And sometimes you just need a huge hunk of iceberg, you know? Or is that just me?

I'd like to say I'm making/baking a delicious dessert, but we're going to have to settle for a buffet of the three pints of Ben & Jerry's in the freezer. Don't judge, they were on sale. :)

It's pretty low-key, but I'm excited to try the roasted head of cauliflower. I'll let you know how that works out, 'k?

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