Project Weeknight: Quinoa Soup w/Avocado & Corn

Oops! Almost forgot this one. I moved in with the SO this last weekend. Friday night, the night before we got the U-Haul, we wanted something quick, easy, and decent for dinner. We knew we'd be eating out a lot over the weekend and wanted something we could make with mostly stuff on hand and little fuss.

Enter Quinoa Soup with Avocado and Corn. I spied it on the Cheap Healthy Good blog, which adapted it from this Seattle Times article.

You gotta love a recipe with a mere handful of ingredients. Broth, check. Quinoa, check. Corn, check. Salsa, check. Cilantro, blech! no way. All we lacked was an avocado, which was easily obtained, and we were golden. (What? You don't have quinoa on hand at all times? Shame!)

It cooked up in maybe 20 minutes total, almost no time at all, as advertised. We even had a little left which we put away for Saturday's lunch.

And Saturday is when we learned the secret, alternate, unspoken name of this soup: The Soup That Never Ends. The quinoa had soaked up the remaining broth overnight, requiring another couple cups of stock to return it to soup status. At that point, what had been maybe enough for one serving grew into enough for another two full servings. In fact, there was a little left but I insisted we finish it so we wouldn't have to repeat the process on Sunday.

Tasty, quick, and cheap, if you can find avocados at a reasonable price. I didn't get to serve it to my son, but I'm still going to give it a Project Weeknight full thumb's up.


Karen Frisa said...

Quinoa soup? Who knew! I've just been cooking mine and eating it with broccoli. The soup sounds yummy.

I'll stop filling up your comments now.

Liz C said...

You can fill up my comments anytime, Karen! And the soup is definitely worth a try.