Discovery of the day: Easier to quit

Things around here are at maximum chaos. I'm in the middle of moving, and although I've been trying to stay within my guidelines (and thought I'd been doing OK), I got on the scale this weekend and was shocked to find that my SO's scale weighs several pounds heavier than mine. Or at least I hope that's what's going on here. I haven't done a direct comparison yet, but if the difference is less than 5 lbs, I'm in big trouble.

Part of me just wants to say 'screw it', close up the blog, and fuhgeddaboudit. Eat what I want and let the pounds fall as they may.

But that's what I always do. Hello, my name is Liz and I'm a chronic yo-yo dieter.

So instead, I'm going to keep up the blog (hopefully more regularly) and document what in the hell is going on. I really would like to not have to hit bottom (again) before finding inspiration to pick up the good fight one more time.

Tonight I will unpack my scale. I will put both scales side by side, and when I get up tomorrow morning, I will step on one, then the other. I will find out if I have, indeed, gained ten pounds back since November.

I certainly hope not.


Karen Frisa said...

Hope the scale news was happy news. Thanks for doing the blog. You inspired me to buy a bag of great northern beans, and one of these days I'll click your recipe tag and make something yummy with them. In the meantime it's lentils, rice, beans, etc, and not enough veggies. :(

Jessica said...

Yes! Definitely keep with it! In a former lifetime I used to coach people through weight loss via better eating habits and getting more exercise, and sticking with your plan [or not letting yourself get discouraged by 'falling off the bandwagon'] is really important! You can do this :-)! And making a public commitment is a huge step ... I'm planning on focusing in on nutrition and eating next month, but maybe we can keep each other motivated - you to stay on track, me to keep writing!

Liz C said...

@Karen - I hear you. I'm way low on the veggie count.

@Jessica - Right now, my goal is to not regain every single pound I lost last year! Unfortunately the key for me is exercise which, of course, is the hardest and least pleasurable part.