Discovery of the day: I need a plan

It's a known fact: my mood drops in the winter and my motivation goes right along with it. It's that time of year when I look at the clock at work, notice it's 4:30pm, and wonder "Gee, I wonder what we should have for dinner?"

That, my friends, is dangerous thinking.

I know better than to declare that I am going to completely plan out the entire week's menus. Ain't gonna happen. What does work - or at least has worked in the past - is to come up with 5 or 6 entrees and ensure I have all of the ingredients on hand. With frozen leftovers factored in, I usually only end up cooking three or four weeknights max, so that gives us options.

And by making my son participate, that increases the odds that he'll be at least partially pleased with some of the choices.

Now all I have to do is... do it!

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