Project Weeknight: Tomato & Bread Soup

We had company last weekend. We'd had a large, late lunch on Saturday so when we finally did decide it was time to eat again, we weren't looking for anything intricate or bulky. It wasn't a weeknight but my energy level definitely dictated a Project Weeknight-type dish.

I rifled through my Recipe Purgatory and decided to test-drive this version of a Tomato and Bread Soup. I'd found it on Cheap Healthy Good, where it was slightly modified from this version on Serious Eats, where it was attributed to Jamie Oliver.

Got that? Hope so; there may be a quiz later.

I followed the CHG version, although in hindsight it's not significantly different from the SE version.

The verdict? Oh yeah, baby! I had a very crusty artisan bread that I tore up and threw in, crust and all, and it was wonderful. I also put some chevre on the table for a garnish - a few small blobs of that added a whole 'nother dimension.

As my SO isn't overly fond of the texture of cooked tomatoes, next time I may puree the base before adding the roasted cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, and bread. Other than that, it stands as written.

Man, I love it when that happens.

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Sara said...

That recipe looks killer delicious! It's definitely going on the list - thanks for bringing such a tasty-looking soup into my life!