Discovery of the day: Losing time

Are you sure I didn't post yesterday? I was sure I did. I think the problem is that I write all sorts of blog posts in my mind while I'm out and about, and sometimes I think I've actually posted them. Then, of course when I sit down to actually write, I forget them all.

I'm still struggling through the Dark Days. My motivation for cooking and eating properly waxes and wanes, usually waning when I actually have to plan or cook something, waxing when I'm away from home.

The scale is still not my friend. I'm still carrying around my holiday weight and can't seem to get it to budge, even though I've (mostly) stopped eating bad things. But that's the price paid for decades of chronic yo-yo dieting: These days it takes a hell of a kick to get my metabolism going again.

Speaking of that, I've gotten the green light to start getting back into running but the motivation just isn't there and it probably won't show up again until the days get a little longer. That shouldn't be long, really. I just looked it up and it should only be another week or so before the Dark Days start winding down - I can see daylight before and/or after work. That would be good.

In the meantime, I can only try to follow the mantra my sister and I cling to this time of year: Do no harm. Try to keep my weight steady until I'm ready to attack with vigor.

And I really need to get fired up about cooking again.

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