Discovery of the day: Back at it!

I'm back! The meals at both vegetarian restaurants we went to in SF were amazing. They were easily better than most of the 'regular' restaurant meals I've had lately. I didn't do too badly on the trip, overall, but the scale is definitely up a good 5 lbs from mid-November.

That's actually not bad compared to other holiday seasons, but as a life-long member of the Yo-Yo Society, that 5 lbs represents the first step that can easily result in 15-20 lbs gained without warning.

This must cease, and pronto.

Like most bold proclamations, it's easier said than done. I'm still having a hard time focusing on cooking for various reasons; some seasonal, some more 'big picture' things. But I need to pull it together, and quick.

I'm starting off slowly by setting a couple of small goals for the year.
1. Cut back on my decaf consumption. I'm figuring a quart+ a day might be too much, especially when loaded with vanilla (sweetened) soymilk and sugar. Current plan is to drink my usual morning travel cup, then switch to tea if I need something hot and liquid-y.

2. Cut back on sugar. Some of this is coffee-related, some is just because. Reducing (I refuse to say 'eliminating') sugar automatically reduces the amount of generally not-helpful things I shove in my face.

3. Put grains back in their place. Grains are a lot easier to cook than veggies, and my grain consumption has risen pretty dramatically. I've gotten pretty loose with my bread consumption, too.

So we'll see where that all leads. Fingers crossed!

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Karen Frisa said...

Nice to see you're back! I'm finding my own grain consumption is up a lot lately; not sure if I'll do anything about it or not...