Discovery of the day: Good news, bad news

Good news: Since my last whiny post I've done much better with the cooking. I actually have at least two more Project Weeknight posts lined up but I want to spread them out just a wee bit. Also, while I haven't lost weight, I haven't gained any either. And I've cut my decaf consumption by at least a third, maybe even by half.

Bad news: Oops - I feel another whiny post coming on, sorry. Dark Days are still getting to me and February is traditionally my worst month; 'darkest before the dawn' and all that. Still haven't started serious walking, much less running. I do have an almost valid excuse for that, but regardless of the excuse's validity, the exercise hasn't happened and probably won't for awhile.

And I'm still not eating enough salad.

I know this isn't inspirational writing, but I just wanted to let those who are struggling know that I'm right there with ya.


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