Discovery of the day: Minding my own beeswax is hard

Started my running class on Saturday. They had us run a mile to gauge our fitness. I was very proud to make it all the way without stopping, only to find out later that they had miscalculated and it was maybe only 2/3 or a mile.

Oh well.

They also had us do push-ups. I managed to do 10, although not well. It's embarrassing how sore my upper body is today!

My boyfriend and I are finding it difficult to keep our minds on the pyramid since his recent not-great news. I managed to get out of Starbuck's today without a package of dark chocolate-covered grahams (I bought a couple last week) but only just barely. I'm doing a little better than he is, but that's only because it's not my diagnosis.

He's still processing (it's just been a week) and he's struggling. It's really hard to not want to treat him with comfort foods, dinners out, desserts, etc. when we're together. I'm trying not to inquire too much about (or pass judgment upon) what he eats when he's left to his own devices.

If I can maintain my current weight until we reach equilibrium, I'll be happy. All I can do for him is to provide "good" meals when we're together to balance out whatever he chooses to do on his own. And not lecture or be bossy.

Man, that's going to be hard....

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