Discovery of the day: Surviving the waiting room

I didn't plan very well for yesterday's stint at the hospital. The timeline didn't go quite as advertised and I found myself in the waiting room, uh, waiting and unable/unwilling to leave to get food.

I did manage to score a BAS at the cafeteria in the early afternoon just as my boyfriend headed into surgery, but for dinner I ended up resorting to a burger on the ferry home at 9 pm. It had a "5" written on the wrapper. I can only imagine that meant it was fresh at 5 pm. But with enough condiments it was downright tasty.

My only excuse is that we left the house at 6:30am and I wasn't conscious enough to grab some fruit Just In Case, as usual. Oh well.

I'm doing better today although there's 3 days worth of romaine in my fridge that hasn't been cleaned yet and I'm leaving town in less than 30 hours.

Will I get to it tonight? How much of it will I have to toss when I get back? Stay tuned....

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