Discovery of the day: Exploring quinoa

Well, I must confess that a package of dark-chocolate covered grahams did fall into my pocket while getting my decaf at Starbuck's this afternoon. Then I accidentally left them in my car. It pissed me off, but it's probably for the best. I'm going to see if I can get through the next 2.5 hours without them. The drive home might be another matter, though.

Yesterday was pretty lame, food-wise. By the time I got home, went for a three mile walk, picked up my son, and got him started with his bedtime routine, it was almost 8 pm before I sat down with my BAS. One bright spot: I did learn that quinoa and canned white beans go really well together.

I had decided to cook up a cup of quinoa but then ran out of any sort of inspiration when it came time to top my BAS. So quinoa and white beans it was. And, although simple, it was good.

I have probably almost 2 cups left so tonight I'm trying a recipe for quinoa vegetable stew. I'll make a cheese quesadilla to go along side, in case the stew's not well received by my son.

I have high hopes for it, though. I love me some zucchini!

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