Discovery of the day: Decaffeinating hurts!

I did grudgingly make the switch from quarter-caf to decaf over the weekend. Owww... my head hurts. I was sooo sure that the difference in the amount of caffeine would be negligible. Apparently it's not. But if I'm lucky and can tough it out, I'll be happy again by the end of the week.

Killed the last of the half&half so it's all soymilk now. It doesn't lighten the color of the coffee as much but it lightens the flavor enough so it'll work.

I did pretty well over the weekend and it looks like I might be down another lb. for 5 lbs. total. I was able to easily implement the plan at dinner because my son was at his dad's so it was just my boyfriend and me.

It's so funny -- my boyfriend keeps talking about "our" diet even though he hasn't quite got the big picture. Seems he's generally OK with cutting way back on meat & cheese (lactose-intolerant -- doesn't eat much cheese anyway) but he keeps wanting to put grains at the base of his pyramid instead of the leafy greens. But he's got my go-to book to read on his upcoming business trip so we'll see how he feels about it all when he gets back.

My goal this week is to come up with a short list of kid-friendly and mom-friendly dinners for the work week. Given the state of my aching head, it might not be that easy!

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