Discovery of the day: Uh...

So far it feels like I've been at a dead run all week. I have to keep reminding myself that it's only Wednesday. Yesterday after work I went to the chiropractor so my son had dinner at his dad's. By the time I got home, took out the garbage and recycling (it was Garbage Eve), brought in my groceries, and prepped a seemingly never-ending pile of FFV, I barely had enough time to eat my default BAS (romaine w/marinated beans and avocado) before dashing out to pick up my boy. Not a lot of time left to discover new things.

However, I have made progress on slightly altering my son's diet. For breakfast, his "usual" for the past 4 (or more?) years has been an Eggo Nutrigrain waffle with maple syrup. A week or so ago I, ahem, accidentally ran out of waffles, so he's cheerfully shifted to either Cheerios or shredded wheat with rice milk, or a piece of peanut butter toast, along with a piece of fruit (usually the other half of my banana or a little satsuma orange) and maybe a small glass of soy milk. I'll call that a success.

Next thing is to work on his veggie consumption at dinner. Historically I've been fairly lazy about providing veggies w/dinner -- just one more thing to deal with and it's easier to just not. But I need to work on closing the gap between what he eats and what I eat or I'm going to be producing two dinners when I can barely garner the mental energy for one.

Luckily, he's pretty tolerant for a kid. I can give him various bean & veggie soups (I do use chicken stock) and a piece of bread and he's happy. He likes steamed broccoli (yay!) but isn't big on salads. He will eat cabbage, stir-fried or slaw. So it shouldn't be too bad. And once in awhile it's fun to play "Mom's Diner" where we each get to choose what we want. On those rare occasions I'm not averse to pulling out a Blue Box for him, although he does have to eat either peas or mixed vegs (the frozen ones) along with it.

In reality it's probably more about training me than him. Ain't that usually the case?

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