Discovery of the Day: Too much tofu...

...annoys the boy.

I managed to crank out a stir fry last night. I used a bag of frozen stir-fry vegs (learned that frozen baby corn and water chestnuts taste better than canned), about half a head of bok choy, and some bean sprouts. And I put in a whole lb of pressed tofu, cut into 1" cubes. After eating five or six pieces my son announced "I don't like tofu."

Actually he does like tofu, he just doesn't like a freakin' half-pound of tofu.

Notes for next time: Press and marinate the tofu ahead of time. I pressed but didn't have time to marinate last night. Use only 1/2 lb tofu (duh!) Find a better sauce. I used Mark Bittman's recommendation from "How to Cook Everything", which is just chicken stock and soy sauce, and it was... underwhelming. I need to re-read the recipe -- maybe I missed something.

I have the rest of the stir fry with me today, to reheat and throw on top of the other half a head of bok choy plus romaine for lunch.

Speaking of romaine, I didn't have a BAS with my dinner. I feel slightly guilty.

I haven't lost any this week, but it is PMS week so I'm hopeful that my body will catch up soon.

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