Discovery of the day: Surviving TDM

By the time my son & I left the dentist office yesterday afternoon there wasn't much mental energy left to spend on cooking. My boyfriend suggested we go out to Taco Del Mar. OK, I figured they had lettuce and beans there so I could probably find something to eat.

I ended up getting a Cabo Salad with pinto beans instead of meat and no cheese. I also had them put guacamole on it. :)

Verdict: Not bad. It contained a decent amount of lettuce, and between the pintos and the black bean & corn salsa, I felt like I had plenty to eat. The only downside was that the guacamole was really salty.

I've eaten there regularly for awhile and haven't noticed that problem before so hopefully it was a random thing. But the scale didn't like all that salt! I've been generous with the water today so I'm sure all will be well tomorrow.

I'm kind of at a loss for other fast food places to try. I can't bear to eat a limp, smelly McDonald's salad, and salad bars generally seem to be a thing of the past. If there was a place called Big-Ass Salads, I'd be there!

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