Discovery of the day: Patience, grasshopper

As I got on the scale this morning and noted a solid 6 lb total loss, I reflected a bit on yesterday's post. Yeah, I'd love to see spectacular 10+ lb loss in three weeks, but christ on a cracker (whole grain), I only have about 15 total to lose. And I'm not exercising at all. What am I complaining about?

If I was 30 lbs overweight, eating fast food three times a week, drinking a couple of adult beverages a day, snacking on things that come sealed in crunchy bags, and cooking full-fledged banquets (or decorating cakes - I used to do that) on the weekend; yeah, I'd expect to see a huge drop in poundage upon stopping those behaviors.

But I wasn't, so I didn't.

My dietary habits were OK -- half&half addiction aside -- just not quite OK enough to keep my weight down in the absence of just about any physical activity. I need to remind myself that a solid 6 lbs in three weeks is a success, especially since I can now wear my jeans without hurting myself.

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