Discovery of the day: Quick ways to lose weight

In the last year or so I've discovered two really quick ways to lose a couple of pounds.
Method A: Discover your husband is having an affair. (Note: I don't recommend this)

Method B: Get a virus that kills your appetite and make you and poop a lot. (Apologies for the oversharing.)
Method A was good for almost 15 lbs in two weeks and lasted about six months before it all came back. So far, Method B has been good for a pound or so. I'm actually much happier with Method B, since it broke me through my first goal. It's A Very Important Pound.

If I can stay motivated, I'm hoping this particular pound won't come back.

Bad joke of the day:
A: What's a quick way to permanently lose 275 lbs?
B: Method A.
Sorry -- must be the virus talking.

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