Discovery of the Day: Proper pomegranate attire

I found out on Saturday that disassembling a pomegranate with a white shirt on is a bad idea. I now have a white shirt with pink spots. I think Shout will get them out, though.

Other things I learned this weekend is that the novelty of The Plan has worn off, I haven't lost any more weight (holding at 5-6 lbs), and when you're out and about on a Saturday afternoon with a young child, it's really hard to find something to eat that doesn't violate The Plan in one or more ways.

Saturday afternoon I took my son to the symphony. I mis-timed lunch so by the time we got out after 3 pm we were starved. Luckily I had brought some peanuts for him to eat during intermission but they had long since worn off by the end of the concert. Got down to the ferry terminal and bought my son McD's (hey, he likes it) and I figured I could find something do-able upstairs at the World Wraps place.

Well, I was too hungry and tired to try to make sense of their huge menu so I ordered the first vegetarian wrap I saw, teriyaki tofu with rice and a few veggies. Luckily I ordered a small. It filled the hole, but there was a lot of really sweet sauce and barely any veggies. If I had had the presence of mind to stand there another minute I probably could have found something salad-based. I hope it was a better choice than McD's but I wouldn't bet on it.

Sunday was kind of an off day overall. Lots of cravings for I don't know what. I did some housecleaning (which may have contributed to my mood). I should have gone to the store since I was out of a lot of my staple fruits but blew it off. I got the bright idea to try to make falafel for dinner, but the chickpeas took longer to cook than I'd planned so I ended up reheating some veggie stew I had in the freezer and served it over whole wheat noodles. My son ate it but wasn't thrilled. And I didn't feel like eating a BAS so I skipped it.

I should count how many heads of romaine I've prepped in the 3 weeks or so. Theoretically I eat ~1/2 head/day but I don't always hit that goal. Still, I could probably call it 12 heads so far and not be far off. Plus I bought two more today. I know for a fact that's more lettuce than I cleaned (let alone ate) for 2007 total. Wow.

I've not made much progress on my list of go-to, kid-friendly dinners. I've got pseudo-Mexican (pintos & rice & guacamole w/a cheese quesadilla for my son, over lettuce for me), egg drop soup, and tofu & veggie stir fry. And once a week we do Mom's Diner, where we each get to pick what we want.

That's not a very long list.

Yeah, I'm feeling closer to "down" than "up" today, but I'm still eating my BAS for lunch. If I pay a little more attention to my oil intake, I bet I can get the scale moving again. Or I could just start walking at lunch time but I doubt that's going to happen before spring.

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