Discovery of the day: It's over

And not a minute too soon. Last night I had my Thai food craving satisfied with some lovely spicy fried tofu w/green beans and a few bites of my pal's wonderful caramel beef. That officially marked the end of Fend for Myself Week, and I'm pretty relieved. Tonight's Mac & Movie Night with my son, then my SO comes home tomorrow. I'll be back in the kitchen biz, baby!

It's hot here this week, in the mid-80s, which is hotter than we usually prefer up here in the top left corner. My son has developed a fondness for BLT (or even better; BLTA, using avocado in lieu of mayo) sandwiches which will cover Saturday dinner

(Note to self: Get more BACON!)

Looking ahead, the week after next the Ex and I revert to our usual 'sharing schedule' in preparation for the school year. I'll have my son on weeknights again, thus returning to my original motivation behind Project Weeknight. As we head into fall, I'll be able to start testing soups for said project. I love soups! And soup screams for whole-grain bread, of course. I haven't done any bread baking in a few of years... definitely not a weeknight task, but a fun project in its own right.

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