Discovery of the day: Color me green

After yesterday's whine about the romaine I scored some really nice stuff at the store.

I also realized that I have had BAS for lunch and dinner almost every day this week. OK, Monday was a l-o-n-g time ago and I can't really remember dinner, but as far as I can recollect I've had five -- possibly six -- BASs so far. I'll probably do one for dinner tonight and one for lunch tomorrow, although we're planning to go out Friday tonight. That'll bring my work week total to seven or eight over five days.

I think that's pretty darned good.

As of next week I'm back to cooking for the two or three of us on weeknights. Having a mostly-green, low-cooking-effort week is a nice way to finish up the summer.

BTW, I think I'm consistently holding at about 14 lbs lost since January, counting from my 'official' starting weight. If I include the few extra lbs that came and went (and came) last holiday season, it's closer to 16 lbs. And I know I've gained muscle mass (lowered my % body fat) to boot!

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