Discovery of the day: Minor success

So far I have not eaten any cookies today. This is a big deal.

The boxes for the service members are all packed up, I sent some home with the Ex, and I brought some into work today hoping they would be quickly devoured (and they were). I have only a few -- less than a dozen total -- left at home, and I am honor bound to have most of them on hand Thursday evening when my boyfriend gets back from his trip. That should keep me honest.

I ate my BAS for lunch today even though my appetite still isn't great. If I go home hungry this afternoon I cannot guarantee the safety of the remaining cookies.

If I eat a reasonable dinner I may eat one for dessert, but to tell the truth, after being up to my elbows in dough most of yesterday afternoon, the siren song isn't that strong.

Here's hoping I'm not making that up....

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