Discovery of the day: Waste not

One thing that does bug me about the plant-based lifestyle is the amount of garbage. I doubt it's really any more than I produced before, but now that I'm trying to be more conscious of what I use and what I discard, shoving all of that plant matter down the garbage disposal and into the trash makes me feel wasteful.

Ha! Waste full -- get it?


In my former life we had a compost pile. At the time it was mostly yard waste, which turned out to be a super way to gather and plant billions of weed seeds directly into the garden beds. But the pile was all the way at the other end of the yard (and I am lazy) so incorporating kitchen waste never really became part of the routine. Plus we weren't eating many vegs anyway.

But now I live in a zero-lot-line house with nowhere to compost. I think Seattle has a program where you can put kitchen waste into the yard waste can but we don't have that here. My SO has a yard, but we do most of the cooking at my house.

However, we are planning on eventually combining households and when we do, I want to do this:

I apologize for Ciscoe. Sometimes he's kind of hard to take, I know. Stick with it -- the good part starts about 1 minute in.

Cool fact: My SO used to be on the board of Seattle Tilth and knows the woman in the video.

I figure since each can takes 9-12 months to 'digest', we'll need two (maybe three?) cans. I already have some potential spots in the back yard picked out.

Now if my Ex ever reads this, I know he'll start laughing uncontrollably. And he'll mention the worm composting (I killed them all) and the dog poop composting (you don't want to know). OK, so I'm not known for my follow-through.

But this time it will be different, I know it!

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