Discovery of the day: Scales of justice?

This weekend I noticed that my boyfriend had bought bathroom scales. Or maybe they finally surfaced from his move last year, I don't know. I decided that it would be fun to step on them. It wasn't.

I was shocked at the number that appeared. Once my vision cleared, I realized that it was only (!) 2.5-3 lbs more than my scale, which is probably well within the range of tolerance between bathroom scales. But when one has lost only 10 lbs, that represents a quarter to a third of that effort. Even though I know it's silly to compare numbers between scales, seeing that "old" number affected me.

Upon (honest) reflection, I have to admit it makes sense. Last time I was at the weight currently reported by my scales, I was moving into the next size smaller pants, and that certainly ain't happening now. I was blaming the discrepancy on my lack of exercise, but I wasn't exercising then, either.

Which means, if his scales are accurate, that the weight I was at before I started this time was an all-time (non-postpartum) high.


Which means if I gain the weight back plus some extra, as usually happens, that would be Very Bad. I would probably have to go shop in a different section of the clothing store. I so don't want that to happen.

It also means that I need to figure out how to get the weight loss going again. I stalled last month and I want to get going again before I fall into complacency which often leads to backsliding.


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