Discovery of the day: The slow crawl back to normal

I'm not at 100% yet but the headache is down to a dull roar. I did OK with my standard fruit breakfast and BAS lunch yesterday and today, although I did succumb to a chocolate-covered-graham-cracker craving at Starbuck's this afternoon. They didn't have dark chocolate -- only the milk chocolate -- but I bought them anyway. And I ate them both. They weren't perfect, but they were pretty damned close.

My package of high-quality soup bases from Penzey's Spices arrived today. I'm itching to give them a go, but I doubt I'll get to them for the next week and a half or so because...

I'm going to Costa Rica!

My boyfriend & I are heading out Saturday for a week in the tropics. I've never been (he has) and I'm so excited! I hear the fruit is amazing, and I shouldn't have much trouble eating beans & rice. And there will be many long walks on the beach, of course.

Anyway, I won't be cooking much the next few nights what with the travel preps and all so my soup base experiments will have to wait. Just gotta get rid of the rest of this virus and I'll be ready to rock. And I need to learn to ask for an umbrella drink in Spanish. :)

p.s. I managed to walk for a full 60 mins today! I'm hoping I can get another day in before the weekend.

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