Discovery of the day: Un-comfort foods

One of my big issues is comfort eating. When I don't feel well it's really difficult for me to not eat unless I'm actively puking. Carbs and fat are what I go for. I'm the only person I know who almost always gains weight when I'm sick.

Yesterday I was at home all day, I had lettuce, and I could certainly had eaten a BAS... but I just couldn't do it. I ended up having a giant piece of peanut butter toast for lunch. I felt too crappy to go out to dinner :( so my boyfriend brought over really good sub sandwiches and a big bag of those thick, crunchy potato chips. I am ashamed to confess that was my second potato chip binge in two days.

I was not surprised to see the scale up a lb. this morning.

I'm at work today which will slow down my food consumption a bit. I brought my BAS. I want to walk at lunch but I just am not feeling up for it.

I have to get over this virus before I completely fall off the wagon!

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