Discovery of the day: I can walk!

I walked again at lunch yesterday. That's twice this week! I'm not sore anymore, and that makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere.

One benefit is that by walking 3 days a week at lunch, I make three fewer trips to the grocery store. That means a lot less impulse buying.

The next few days are going to be a challenge, food-wise. My ex and I are meeting up at my son's parent-teacher conference this afternoon and we usually go out to dinner after to compare notes. That's one meal out. Tomorrow evening I have to get my son's shaggy, shaggy hair cut, and that is traditionally followed by a dinner out. That's two. And my boyfriend and I were talking about taking my son to Seattle one day this weekend to wander around the International District. That would be three, although it might be lunch instead of dinner. Or maybe both... that would be four! Yikes!

But all I can do is all I can do. Eat the right stuff when it's available, and try not to gorge on the less-right stuff.

But I'll tell you right now, if Tim's potato chips are available, I'll be screwed.

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