Discovery of the day: Salty lass

Took my boyfriend and son out to the pho place for dinner last night. I had the tofu pho, which I love, but it must've been a sodium disaster! My hands are all swollen today and I'm not even going to mention the scale. Let's just say we're not speaking today.

Met my pal at the fancy-pants grocery for lunch today and achieved my goal of making myself a not-quite-BAS at the salad bar that cost less than $10. The way I build my salads these days (and at their prices) that's no mean feat. Apparently beets, beans, and peas are very expensive things. It gripes me, but I try to remember that I'm getting more salad for less $$ than if we met at a regular restaurant for lunch.

I'm just a little anxious about my food opportunities in Costa Rica, but if I eat as much fruit as I can and eat just what I need of the other stuff I should get by OK.

I'm hoping that a week of R&R will get me a) over the tail end of this virus and b) excited about trying new stuff again. I still have a lot to learn about producing interesting food that fits in my pyramid, especially as soup season draws to a close. Although around here, soup season could well extend into July.

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