Discovery of the day: Wrap it up

My boyfriend had a most excellent suggestion for last night's Gallo Pinto rerun: Wrap it!

We heated up the GP and toasted a few tortillas in a skillet. Added some lettuce, avocado, and tomato, and you know what? It was downright tasty.

He used a low-carb wrap he had laying around. I burned out on those in my Atkin's days (shudder!) so I used my favorite whole wheat flour tortillas that are made fresh in the fancy-pants grocery store. And both versions were just fine.

I don't do a lot of wraps since I'm still trying to minimize my intake of pulverized grain products, but those was some carbs well spent.

Tonight is Blue Box night with my son, so it's a BBBAS for me. Not yet sure what's going to happen this weekend....

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