Discovery of the day: Little bales of comfort

So I'm finally running again, after six years of trying to get back into it. It's going well. I'm up to 3-4 miles at a time, 2-3 times a week. So far, so good.

On Wednesdays I run with my 5K class after work, at 6:30. I try to plan food carefully Wednesdays because A) I might starve or B) I might puke. I usually bring a slightly-larger-than normal BAS and eat the rest of it after 3 pm. Then I eat a banana or apple on the way home at 5 pm.

By the time I get home after the run and cooled off enough to think about food it's almost 8 pm. Too late for a proper dinner, and I probably don't really need to eat anything, but heck, I might starve! So Wednesday nights (or any evening I run after work) I treat myself with a big honkin' bowl of shredded wheat and raisins, sometimes even with real milk.

Don't laugh! I love shredded wheat. There's something about a bowl full of shards of wheat-y goodness in my lap and milk running down my chin that makes me a happy girl.

It's usually tough for me to get myself out for a run after work on my own. By that time of day I'm ready to just be done. But if I remember I can have shredded wheat for dinner, all of a sudden it's not so hard to get out there after all.

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