Discovery of the day: Planning ahead... not

We're playing it fast and loose this 4th of July, food-wise. It's just the boyfriend and me, so we're taking a 'staycation'. Sounds ever so much more sexy than 'hanging around the house', doesn't it?

Tomorrow morning we're thinking of taking the ferry into the city to hit the marketplace to get some nice produce and maybe a sacrificial fatted salmon to slay. The goal is to be home before the place goes crazy in the afternoon. Lunch may well turn out to be our market favorites: hand-dipped corndogs and fresh mini-donuts. MmmmMM!!1!!11!

In the evening, if the weather clears up (sniff), we'll walk down to the waterfront to see if we can see the fireworks across the bay. The Belgian fry house is there, so there's dinner.

We're hoping to do some kayaking on Saturday. We'll probably grab a sandwich at our favorite shop for a picnic lunch. Dinner's up in the air: might be the fatted salmon if we get back early enough, might be a BAS.

Sunday hopefully we'll tackle the flowerbeds in the side yard. That will be salmon-and-vegs-on-the-grill night, if we didn't do it Saturday.

We'll see how close we end up to the plan. Although it's really more a series of suggestions, since we don't generally stick too closely to plans unless other people are involved.

The only other thing I want to do is watch 'Independence Day', the Will Smith movie. I just love watching that around the 4th. Like waaay back when I was a kid when we used to watch 'Wizard of Oz' around Thanksgiving. Back in the pre-cable-dvd-vcr-tivo days it showed up on network TV that one time every year.

(I am so dating myself, aren't I?)

Happy 4th, my fellow Americans! I'll be back next week, with a shiny coat from all that holiday food.

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