Discovery of the day: Could'a been worse

Well, I only ate one BAS this weekend but other than that we didn't do too badly. Friday's lunch turned out to be some super-great Mexican at the market. We enjoyed the archetypal Midwestern feast of brats, corn, tomatoes, and strawberry shortcake for dinner. Saturday we were out doing errands at lunchtime and a giant tuna salad sandwich fell into my mouth. That night was BAS night. After a full day of gardening on Sunday, cooking was out of the question so we went out for sushi.

So other than a severe shortage of greenery (and hacking our way through a half-gallon of vanilla ice cream one dish at a time) we didn't do too badly.

Hopefully tonight the salmon, zucchini, and Japanese eggplant will find their way onto the grill. That would be most satisfactory.

We bought a lot of produce at the market. Apricots, figs, peaches, strawberries, fresh fava beans, and of course the zucchini and Japanese eggplant. I was going to make something with the figs but have been eating them out of hand instead. Strawberries were the first casualty -- they disappeared Friday night. I made some quick-n-dirty apricot preserves/sauce that was great over last night's ice cream and apparently goes well on a pb sandwich. Peaches are long gone.

I'm not sure what to do with the fresh fava bans. I've never had them but they seem to be quite the 'thing' these days. Maybe I can find something quick to do with them tonight.

I've been staying at my boyfriend's house this past week which reduces my access to my scales. It's been nice not having to think about it every morning, but I also think it's dangerous. Kind of like being on vacation. I'll be back at my place later this week and am kind of nervous about what I'll see.

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