Discovery of the day: Salad, revisited

On top of slacking off on the veggies, I'm also in a salad rut. My salads recently have consisted of -- you guessed it -- beans & grains on romaine. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it's getting old.

My SO & I have gotten in the habit of eating salad Friday night in lieu of getting pizza. Not because we're being super-virtuous, believe me; the main reason is that we have not found a decent pizza place nearby. And we are really picky about pizza. And, come Friday night, we have very few brain cells to devote to figuring out dinner. So salad it is.

But today I was having problems even figuring out what to put on tonight's salad. I had decided this morning that I would hit the salad bar at the fancy-pants grocery to get something to put on my lunch salad. I had romaine prepped, I just couldn't think of anything to go on top.

I picked up some broccoli slaw for my lunch and noticed their black bean and corn salad. The SO is generally fond of black bean and corn things -- score! I grabbed some of that, went back to Produce and bought an avocado ($3.00! Yikes!) and a pint of cherry tomatoes. I'll pick up a can of pintos from my house and we'll be set. And no grains!

I guess I need to think about prepping things like that and the broccoli slaw to go on my lunch salads. Time to peruse Recipe Purgatory.

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