Project Weeknight: Aloo Gobi & Chapatis

I'd been hankering to cook some Indian food, and I bought that cauliflower the other day, so I guess it was inevitable that I would make Aloo Gobi. And I did, last night.

I used Manjula's recipe and watched the video, which helped a lot. I had to cheat a little on the spices, though. I subbed a little garlic & onion powder for the asafetida. The only 'red chilly powder' I had was cayenne (I was assuming she didn't mean regular old American chili powder, which is a blend) so instead I added just a few red pepper flakes. I had some dried whole ginger I grated instead of fresh. I used half a 4 oz can of jalapenos instead of fresh green chilies. Used a tblsp or so of lemon juice instead of the amchoor. And unfortunately I am one of those people who thinks cilantro tastes like soap so I left it out.

It came out pretty darned good, though! I do need to slice the potatoes thinner next time. The cauliflower was way overcooked by the time the potatoes were done. I added half a cup of frozen peas at the end, too, and that was nice.

I also made her chapatis. Once again, the video was priceless. I think I need to make my dough just a little softer next time but they came out so much better than my first attempt.

I'm going to find something resembling red chile powder for next time. Don't think I'll bother with the asafetida, since it calls for just a pinch. I may see if I can get the amchoor, though. And I'll spring for some fresh ginger.

Verdict? My SO & I both liked it. My son ate it, although the yellow color from the turmeric bothered him a little. But he's 9, so anything yellow makes him think of pee. :) And even with making the chapatis from scratch, I got dinner on in time.


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