Discovery of the day: Paved with good intentions

I was going to cook a real dinner Saturday. I was going to try one of the entries in Recipe Purgatory; something my son wouldn't be too interested in, since he was with his dad. Something that required longer than 45 minutes. I scoured the list. I consulted with my SO. Something with vegetables, since I've been rather grain-heavy lately. I finally picked a candidate! I made my list which was pretty short, really. All I had to do was go to the store. It was early in the afternoon; I could do that later.

After a nap.

Well, two hours later, fogged from a nap-hangover, the last thing I wanted to do was go to the store and cook. So we went out for Indian food.

I was that close!

It was pretty darned good Indian food, though. We had vegetable korma and vegetable biryani and both were wonderful. It was so good that it has inspired my to finally make a decision and buy one of the two Indian cookbooks I've been eyeing. I haven't done it yet, but I'm going to! Yeah, I've found lots of recipes online, but since I have never cooked Indian food, I feel I need a cookbook written for clueless Americans to teach me the basics.

I did cook last night, though. I made another big pot of minestrone. I didn't have any crusty bread, so I tried a whole wheat chapati recipe. I was skeptical since it has no yeast or leavening of any sort, and I can't say as I cooked them properly (that's where the art comes in) but they were pretty good. My son liked them. They don't reheat well, though, as we learned at breakfast this morning. Oh well.

Man, I can't stop thinking about that korma and biryani!

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