Hmmm... lost another day. Hate that!
Discovery of the day: Where are the greens?

I realized this week that I am relying increasingly on grains and beans, and much less on greens and other veggies. Part of this is due to laziness time; it's a lot quicker to whip up beans & grains than to prep a bunch of veggies. But also, I love me some grains, especially with beans.

I know that if I want to get the scale moving downward again I need to take a step back toward the vegs. I've already made progress in my over-usage avocado and peanut butter (not together!) and it wasn't too painful.

I also probably need to look at portion control. Since I am eating mostly vegetarian, (heck, even mostly vegan at times) I usually give myself free rein when dishing out the goods, and I end up eating a lot more than I probably need to. I guess it's time to pull out the measuring cup. One to 1.5 cups of grains & beans should be plenty. And if I still need to eat, I can always eat more veggies.

In other news, the gym I was using to shower after my lunchtime runs closed suddenly this week. So now I'm back to not being able to run during the week. Poop.

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Sara said...

You know, I do the same thing - when it comes to portion control. I have a weak spot for the grains, starches, and fatty 'good stuff' like nuts and nut butters. So I always try to portion out the higher calorie good stuff, and pile on the veggies to give a greater veggie to starch ratio - so I still feel like I'm eating alot, but it's alot of veg with a little starch in almost every bite - it helps trick my mind at least. :)