Discovery of the day: Quick and surprisingly satisfying

I've kind of been slacking with my lunchtime BAS lately. If I have leftovers to throw on top, which seems to be most of the time, it's a no-brainer. I run into trouble when I have to actually make a decision, and that usually happens about 5 minutes before I have to get myself and my son out the door in the morning.

Today, however, I lucked out.

I knew I had half a can of chickpeas at work (What? Doesn't everyone?) and I unearthed the rest of the Completely Inauthentic but Passable Tahini Sauce in the fridge. I threw a couple handfuls of romaine in a container, grabbed the tahini sauce, and figured I'd make the best of it. Honestly, I wasn't that excited about a chickpea and tahini BAS -- seems like it would be a little sparse, you know? I didn't even have an avocado to toss into the mix.

So lunchtime arrived, as it is wont to do. I dumped about half a cup of chickpeas into the romaine and dropped the remaining tahini sauce on in globs. Ho-hum.

But surprise of surprises, it was pretty darned tasty! I love chickpeas anyway, and the tahini sauce was flavorful enough to round out the party. I even forgot to sprinkle black pepper on top as I usually do when my BAS seems lacking.

It was so good that I might make up more tahini sauce just for that; no falafel required.

In other news, my son & I had Q&D Grains & Beans (Ack -- gotta come up with a better name! QNDGNB?) for dinner again Sunday night. This time I added some basil pesto (in addition to the butter) and Cheese Louise, was that ever good! I have a sneaking suspicion that it may become our standard Sunday night sleaze-out meal when it's just the two of us.

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