Discovery of the day: Rolling my own

As you might have noticed, my loyal reader, I've been on a 'make my own stuff' kick lately. It's actually a mindset I've drifted in and out of over the years. I like to figure out how things are made, and occasionally those things have been food. But this time it's serious. I'm slowly working up a list of previously-purchased prepared foods that I am awarding permanent 'Make It Myself' status.

I work full time and have a short attention span, so for a regularly-used food item to make the MIM List, it not only has to be acceptable to everyone in the household, it also must be able to be made quickly and efficiently. So far, mayonnaise, jam, bread, and yogurt have been removed from my shopping list. Future projects include making flour tortillas, and probably most critical, replacing our dead waffle iron and figuring out how to replicate the Eggo waffles my son has eaten for breakfast almost every morning for five years. That's a lot of Eggo waffles, my friend.

So what do you think? I'll be blogging about the recipes and techniques that work best for me so that you can try them too, if you're game.

C'mon, it'll be fun! OK, it may not all be fun, but I guarantee it will be easy.


Gette said...

I'm on a similar kick, but I'm still trying to figure out if making my own yogurt is more economical. I tend to buy organic dairy. What do you think?

Liz C said...

To make a quart of yogurt, all I needed was a quart of milk and a couple of tablespoons of plain yogurt that I happened to have left in the fridge. I'll post soon about the method I used.

Might be worth giving it a try, for entertainment purposes if nothing else. :)

Gette said...

Thanks. You're right, I need to give it a try. I've been thinking about it for way to long!