Discovery of the day: Not the worst choice

I still haven't figured the salad thing out so I'm still scrambling for lunches most days. I bring leftovers if I have them, and one day a week I hit the (expensive) salad bar at the fancy pants grocery. Other days I've taken to running to the store for a frozen entree.

I was pleased to learn that Kashi has entered the frozen market. I haven't done the research so I can't prove they're nutritionally superior to any other frozen meal, but they do have interesting vegetarian choices, which sucks me right in.

Nah, they won't be mistaken for homemade, but they're not bad. I like them because they are portion-controlled and contain whole grains. Close enough, and I'm guessing they're a better choice than a Whopper Junior.

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Rebecca said...

Kashi's hard to find here in the great white north; but I've enjoyed a brand called "Smart Ones" from weight watchers. As always, though, most frozen entrees are a bit high on the salt.

Salads as lunch are hard for me to do too. I can manage it when/if we have salad the previous night; otherwise no. I try to keep a bag of frozen shrimp in the freezer and a few cans of tuna in the cupboard as proteins for "grab and go" lunches. They also make great salad toppers.