Discovery of the day: A crack in the ice

I actually brought a BAS for lunch the other day, the first time in a l-o-n-g time. Not only that, but we had BBBAS for dinner the night before! I was shocked at the resistance I felt as I was chopping up that head of romaine, though. Where did this anti-lettuce attitude come from, anyway? I have no idea.

Now that things look to be settling down a bit at home, I plan to slowly work myself back into the BAS thing. I think it's critical to getting my weight back on track. I have let my veggie consumption drop way too low.

Speaking of weight, I just found Joy's What I Weigh Today blog and am wondering if I should make myself publicly accountable for my weight. Maybe not every day, though. Maybe once a week? I don't know. Strong feelings both ways (weighs! ha!) The other thing that I think is cool about her blog is that if you add 18 lbs and 18 years, in some ways she sounds like me. Except I'm not in the food industry. Maybe that's a good thing. If I'm having this much trouble controlling my weight now, I can't imagine....

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